Parse your AIML-Files with implemented Program #


Enhanced function due to Jurassic, an integrated java script runtime engine. Call java script function within AIML files and interact with Unity scripts. Pass variables and make decisions dependent on parameters.


Examples provided. Basic example, advanced example, ...


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Can you win the Turing test?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the Human enigmas and still is in one's infancy. The Turing test by Alan Turing was invented in 1950. It aimed to test, whether a Human can decide whilst speaking to two counterparts, which one is human and which is a machine. The challenge of AI developer from 1950 till now tend to create a machine that simulates a human as good as possible, thus to win the Turing test.

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What is AIML?

What differentiates between a human and an animal and makes him superior? Is it strength? Is it size? Is it social behaviour? Emotions? Is it intelligence and what is intelligence? We are the reign breed on our planet, most times, except forces of nature. The sad truth is, none of these things make us unique. Compare a human with a lion. A man with an angry elephant. A human and raven or apes. Do apes have no emotions and intentions when they gather around a dead relative? Do you get the idea?

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How can I create my own AIML files?

There are some possible ways of creating AIML files. First, of course the editor. But this is inconvenient. Another option is to use an existing editor. A good and free AIML editor is GaitoBot. You can find it here.

What is Jurassic

Jurassic is a JavaScript compiler running in C# and .Net environment. As I described, pure AIML is very limited in it's features, thus only creating an insufficient human model. As the aim is to generate a better human behaviour model, Jurassic adds an additional feature parsing the AIML Categories. See here.

How to connect Jurassic, AIML and Unity?

This is very well described in the assets manual.pdf. In future Updates, Jurassic and Program # will move closer together, in order to simplify the global variable handling.

I can't do anything with it. Why is there only one example scene in the asset?

You have to consider, that inventing and realising new ideas, writing new code and consider all platforms, answer support requests, writing new AIML files, that consists of thousands of categories and even more makes much effort. So please be patient and look forward to the new features I will add in well written, quality source code. Thank you in advance. ;)


The possible future design and development of Chatbot aim at making it more useful for Games and continuous raise the structuring of AIML processing. Therefore a new Program beside Jurassic and Program # called Chatbot will be developed without influencing the core programs Program # and Jurassic. In the end the need of an new extended Language based on AIML called UAIML will be unavoidable, whilst keeping AIML functionality alive.